Kiki Halliday is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles and currently based in Nashville, TN. Her music pulls together sounds of blues, pop and indie muses, along with acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Her 2014 debut release, Love Notes, is a melodious EP with some notable songs. The second of the four songs, “Beautiful Soul”, is a hypnotic ballad which was included in the 2016 feature film, “I’m Not Ashamed”. The next track, “One California Day”, a breezy, upbeat song inspired by her home in Encinitas, CA, gives listeners an insight into her Southern California roots and the unique lifestyle she’s grown up in. You can also find her vocals on a few features as well, like a collaboration with LA producer/DJ Matt DiMona on his debut EP, Up All Night, where she co-wrote and sang on the synth, R&B infused track, “Next 2 U”. The song has over half a million streams on Spotify and rose to the #8 spot on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 chart.

She has been called an “up-and-coming indie songstress” by LA Music Blog, which hits the current mark pretty well. Although her available discography is rather modest, her catalogue is not. Recently, Kiki has been releasing self-recorded demos of her songs on Soundcloud. In these recordings you can hear a developing sound, with her voice and songwriting diving into more emotional and complex pursuits. She has put an emphasis on playing live and becoming a better musician before moving onto her next full project, however these un-produced songs provide a taste of the process Kiki is developing on her own as a writer and musician. The most recent demo, Haunted, is a piano melody about lost love and is the first song she wrote after learning the new instrument. On another demo, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”, you can pick up on her folk influences such as Dylan himself, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. As her sound develops, it is exciting to see what comes next for the songwriter.

Kiki continues to play live sets and if you want to know when, click here. Follow her on Soundcloud for more recent music releases. (February 2018).